About Us

We are a small family farm located in upstate  New York, near lake Ontario. We mostly grow apples, and peaches, but also  cherries, nectarines, strawberries and an assortment of small fruits and  vegetables, that we mostly sell at our Farm Market in Webster.

Our family has  been farming here since the mid 1800's and our children represent the 6th generation to grow up knowing the love and labor of the land. When you order  your apples from us you can be assured that we will make every effort possible  to fulfill your order to your highest expectations. I personally package every  box of apples that we ship, if it's not right it doesn't go in the box. Your  order is not shuffled off to some gigantic fulfillment center somewhere, it  goes to a computer on my workbench down in the barn where the apple storage is. We select the best apples we have and carefully pack them for you.

If you call with a question or a problem you won't get an answering service in an anonymous call center. You'll get a member of the family, or maybe one of  the neighbors that help us out sometimes when we get busy.


We greatly appreciate you for helping support the viability of our family  farm, and small family farms everywhere. 


Gary & Nell Herman
  6th Generation: Alex, Jack, & Kathryn
  4th generation: Don & Judy Herman´╗┐